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Rubbermaid HYGEN Velcro Pad Holder

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Rubbermaid HYGEN Quick-Connect Aluminium Frame - 40cm

The Rubbermaid HYGEN Quick-Connect Aluminium Frame is the perfect solution for effective mopping or dusting. Featuring a flat profile that can easily clean under furniture and equipment, and a trapezoidal shape that helps fit into those hard-to-reach corners, the HYGEN Quick-Connect Aluminium Frame ensures that high standards of surface hygiene can be achieved

Features and Benefits

Trapezoidal shape makes cleaning corners or hard-to-reach areas easier
Lightweight aluminium construction is safe for use in rooms where MRI equipment is present
Durable, patent-pending joint design provides full range of movements ensuring that every area is easily accessible and efficiently cleaned
Quick-connect system facilitates easy and fast removal of attachments
Round plastic end caps protect walls and other surfaces from damage during cleaning process
Hook and loop strips (R034546) for attaching HYGEN microfibre damp and wet mop pads are replaceable, improving product longevity
End caps (1791803) can be replaced ensuring that protection of surfaces is not compromised


Dimensions: W40 x H3.8 x D9cm
Material: Aluminium