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Rubbermaid Hygen 40 cm Microfibre Mop Head

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Rubbermaid Hygen 40cm Microfibre Wet Mop Rubbermaid’s Hygen 40cm Microfibre Mop is ideal for achieving high sanitary standards in the home or workplace. It’s durable design, capable of withstand up to 500 wash cycles, and patented zig-zag scrubbing pattern ensure that cleaning floors and removing tough, dried on stains is a breeze Features and Benefits Patented zig-zag scrubbing strips make easy work of tough, dried on stainsReduces water usage by up to 90% when compared with traditional damp mopsMops can be colour-coded with the use of attached ribbons, reducing the potential risk for cross contaminationAttaches to mop head using VelcroHigh absorbency mop that is capable of holding up to 0.7L of fluidBleach-safe microfibre can withstand high-PH cleaning detergentsCan be laundered up to 500 times; 200 with bleach Specification Dimensions: W40 x H1.6 x D14cmMaterial: Microfibre